Let’s Reinvent 2021

So, 2020 wasn’t particularly great for anyone. I’m not saying that 2021 is going to be any better or any easier – the pandemic is still very much present and many places have gone back into lockdown. Here in Scotland, we were put into Tier 4 lockdown for 3 weeks as of Boxing Day but this has now been extended until at least the end of the month and the regulations being imposed are stricter than they have been the past few weeks; personally I see it continuing longer than that.
Travel restrictions come into play with the lockdowns which mean less chance of seeing not only more of the area you live in, but also of travelling abroad.

Yes, 2021 will be challenging but why don’t we challenge ourselves to find a way to get through it…again. During lockdown 1.0, many people started doing something they’ve never done before, whether it was yoga, painting or simply just reading more. For 2021 and lockdown 2.0, let’s all find something that inspires passion within us and that give us the drive to be happy and to improve. Not necessarily ‘new year, new you’ but why not? Just because we’re stuck at home, many of us aren’t working and we can’t travel, it doesn’t mean we have to be miserable – find that something, whatever it happens to be that will change your outlook on this year.

Personally, during lockdown 1.0 I started doing online courses through Centre of Excellence. Their courses are varied and interesting and I found topics that interested me and that I really enjoyed. I’ve completed Diplomas in both Greek & Norse mythology and in Foraging. I’m currently working on a Travel Blogging Diploma and have just added a Digital Travel Photography Diploma to my list. I’ve been travelling for years and my camera has been with me each time but I can’t deny that I don’t know what half of the manual settings do! Now that I’ve got the time, this is my opportunity to learn to use my camera to its’ full potential.

Until August 2020, I was working in travel as a specialist in Glasgow but thanks to the pandemic, that ended. The Travel Blogging course has inspired me to focus on travel but in a different capacity; I’m not selling holidays but I can still inspire people based on my own experiences and my photos. This is something that I’m doing for myself, not only because I enjoy it but because it’s keeping me in my career field, in a way. I’m not expecting to be noticed in a major way but at least I’m out there and I’m working on improving myself.

So yes, let’s reinvent 2021 for ourselves and find something to work on, focus on and learn from.

Published by Carina Storey

Aspiring travel photographer & blogger, bookworm & film lover.

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