To Rebook or Refund?

I think this is the question of the year!

Everyone’s in the same boat at the moment when it comes to flights being cancelled and we’re now at that stage where receiving an airline cancellation email no longer comes as a surprise, just a disappointment of another trip going down the drain.

It’s so difficult to know what to do when this happens as requesting a refund ultimately confirms that you’re not going, whereas accepting a credit voucher to rebook still implies a trip is on the cards but does have the downside of it possibly being cancelled again.

I was supposed to going on a horse riding trip to Andalusia in March this year, having booked it about this time last year (I’m prepared, I know!) pre-COVID19. The airline cancelled my flights in October 2020 but hoping that things might have changed by March 2021, I decided to hedge my bets and rebooked flights for almost the same dates. This morning I received another email to tell me that my rebooked flights have also now been cancelled – another trip not going ahead and the double-whammy of it now having been cancelled twice.

We were also due to attend a wedding in May, outside Seville which had to be rescheduled to May of this year, meaning we had to reschedule flights and accommodation. Yesterday’s email was to say that those flights have also now been cancelled… What to do now?
The groom is a pilot for TUI so does have some insight and is under the impression that although some flights will probably still go in May and he says the venue is fine, it may now be a case of whether or not testing will be required prior to travel and there may be the possibility of quarantining – this potentially means that we’ll need to take 2 weeks off for what amounts to a 4 night trip and I’m not sure we can do that. Jamie is a Bar Manager and I work on a busy (albeit not at the moment) hotel reception so for us both to take extended time off together when business will just be getting back up and running (hopefully) isn’t something that’s likely to go down too well with Management.

Trying to fit in rescheduled trips is also not an easy thing, as I’m sure others are finding too.
Mum & I were to travel to Japan for 11 nights last March, right as COVID19 was getting into full swing so naturally, we couldn’t go.
We booked dates to coincide with the cherry blossom season and as we’d already booked to go riding in March this year, couldn’t reschedule Japan and fit in the 2 trips. We’re now possibly considering trying it again for next March but as next year will be my 30th, we’d previously discussed going to Peru & Machu Picchu to celebrate though my birthday isn’t until September. Mum owns and runs a guesthouse so is tied to taking holidays when the business closes in the low season so this limits when we can travel together and what dates are available for tours.

Life is hard enough without have scheduling issues!

Do you prefer to take the plunge and rebook when things get cancelled or do you take a refund?
Let me know in the comments what trips you’ve had cancelled thanks to COVID19 and what you’ve done about it.

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