Hong Kong and Macau Highlights

As a continuation of our Ancient to Modern – Essential China adventure, we booked to have 4 days in Hong Kong and do a couple of excursions while we were there. Mum had been to Hong Kong before with my gran, so there was really no way we weren’t going to go together as well!Continue reading “Hong Kong and Macau Highlights”

‘Ancient to Modern – Essential China’

This was the name of the 6-night escorted tour that we booked with Travelsphere. As a multi-centred tour, we would take in Shanghai, Xi’an & Beijing, allowing us to see each of the cities as they are now, along with a throwback to ancient China by means of Shanghai’s Old Town, Xian’s Terracotta Army andContinue reading “‘Ancient to Modern – Essential China’”

4 Days in St. Petersburg

I’ve known I wanted to go to St. Petersburg since I was young. Disney’s ‘Anastasia’ was one of my favourites and from then on I was hooked. Beautiful palaces, grand parties and a pretty dark history… What’s not to love?! Back in April 2014, mum and I decided to spend 4 days in St. Petersburg.Firstly,Continue reading “4 Days in St. Petersburg”

Venetian Canals, Gondolas and Shakespeare’s Verona

Whether it’s watching the world go by in a Venetian coffee shop, a leisurely gondola ride or exploring the history of both Venice & Verona, this little slice of Italy has something for everyone. When you first arrive into Venice’s ‘Marco Polo’ airport as we did back in 2013, we found it was best toContinue reading “Venetian Canals, Gondolas and Shakespeare’s Verona”

Banff To The Athabasca Glacier

Canada has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and in my opinion, some of this is found as you travel along the Icefields Parkway between Banff & Jasper in the Canadian Rockies. We had an extended FAM trip with Rocky Mountaineer (not just the train journey, though this was the highlight) toContinue reading “Banff To The Athabasca Glacier”

24 Hours in Vancouver

I’m not a city-girl but I love Vancouver! Located in British Columbia on Canada’s west coast, Vancouver is a seaport city with a relaxed atmosphere, scenic backdrop and an ethically diverse culture. It’s also a popular filming location, having been used for Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, Deadpool & Lucifer amongst many more. Check out TourismContinue reading “24 Hours in Vancouver”

Rail Journeys with Rocky Mountaineer

Back in April 2017, I was lucky enough to be able to visit Canada through work and experience one of the incredible Rocky Mountaineer train journeys – First Passage to the West. This is a luxurious 2 day journey from Vancouver to Banff/Lake Louise with a stop in Kamloops overnight. A Bit About The RockyContinue reading “Rail Journeys with Rocky Mountaineer”

Visit Pitlochry: Being A Hometown Tourist

I grew up in Pitlochry and although I no longer live there, I still consider it to be my hometown – it’s where my family live and where some of my friends still occasionally come back to visit. I wanted to put together a bit of information about what I most enjoy doing when IContinue reading “Visit Pitlochry: Being A Hometown Tourist”

Oh, To Travel The World…

When people find out that I love to travel, I always get asked “but where would you really love to go to?” and my answer is “everywhere!”. For the past few years I’ve been keeping (and checking off) a bucket list of destinations and things I want to do and right now, I’m sitting atContinue reading “Oh, To Travel The World…”

Why I Travel The Way I Do

I’ve done 2 solo trips but the rest of the time I travel with company – either Jamie or Mum. I’ve never done a ‘girls holiday’ or a gap year because that just isn’t my thing at all. Travelling with Jamie is different to travelling with mum. Jamie isn’t a fan of flying, doesn’t enjoyContinue reading “Why I Travel The Way I Do”