To Rebook or Refund?

I think this is the question of the year! Everyone’s in the same boat at the moment when it comes to flights being cancelled and we’re now at that stage where receiving an airline cancellation email no longer comes as a surprise, just a disappointment of another trip going down the drain. It’s so difficultContinue reading “To Rebook or Refund?”

What Do You Read When You’re Travelling?

Are you a Kindle reader or do you prefer to have a proper book with you? Does how much you read depend on where you’re going? Does it affect the type of books/stories you read? Throughout 2020, I read my way through a personal-record 31 books before New Years Eve and unless I spend aContinue reading “What Do You Read When You’re Travelling?”

Let’s Reinvent 2021

So, 2020 wasn’t particularly great for anyone. I’m not saying that 2021 is going to be any better or any easier – the pandemic is still very much present and many places have gone back into lockdown. Here in Scotland, we were put into Tier 4 lockdown for 3 weeks as of Boxing Day butContinue reading “Let’s Reinvent 2021”

“Good Morning, Vietnam!”

When escorted travel becomes solo travel and opens your eyes to something you haven’t experienced before. “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled” Mohamed The TripVietnam was on my bucket list for a long time. I knew eventually I would get there but the moment never arose and IContinue reading ““Good Morning, Vietnam!””

The Essentials I Never Travel Without

Some things just make travelling easier, whether it’s when you’re in the airport or out on the road. Below are the items that I carry with me everyday as I travel…you never know what you might need. The BackpackWhen I first started ‘travelling’ as opposed to just going on holiday, I knew it was timeContinue reading “The Essentials I Never Travel Without”

2020 Recap

So on the brink of the New Year, I think we can all safely agree that 2020 has been a pretty crap year! Last 1st January I don’t think anyone thought that within just a few months we would be in the middle of a global pandemic. Lockdown 1.0 was in full force, there wasContinue reading “2020 Recap”

I’m Going On An Adventure!

As a massive Tolkien fan, I really couldn’t resist the urge any longer and in 2018 booked my trip to New Zealand for February 2019! This wasn’t exactly a fully planned trip and that’s exactly how I wanted it to be. I wanted to just drive and if I liked the look of somewhere I’dContinue reading “I’m Going On An Adventure!”