Oh, To Travel The World…

When people find out that I love to travel, I always get asked “but where would you really love to go to?” and my answer is “everywhere!”. For the past few years I’ve been keeping (and checking off) a bucket list of destinations and things I want to do and right now, I’m sitting atContinue reading “Oh, To Travel The World…”

Why I Travel The Way I Do

I’ve done 2 solo trips but the rest of the time I travel with company – either Jamie or Mum. I’ve never done a ‘girls holiday’ or a gap year because that just isn’t my thing at all. Travelling with Jamie is different to travelling with mum. Jamie isn’t a fan of flying, doesn’t enjoyContinue reading “Why I Travel The Way I Do”

What Do You Read When You’re Travelling?

Are you a Kindle reader or do you prefer to have a proper book with you? Does how much you read depend on where you’re going? Does it affect the type of books/stories you read? Throughout 2020, I read my way through a personal-record 31 books before New Years Eve and unless I spend aContinue reading “What Do You Read When You’re Travelling?”

The Essentials I Never Travel Without

Some things just make travelling easier, whether it’s when you’re in the airport or out on the road. Below are the items that I carry with me everyday as I travel…you never know what you might need. The BackpackWhen I first started ‘travelling’ as opposed to just going on holiday, I knew it was timeContinue reading “The Essentials I Never Travel Without”